Slice of Life Spring Break


Real readers find a place to read that’s cozy so they can relax and immerse themselves in the world of their tale. During lessons, they’re antsy learning new skills and they’re distracted by their neighbors. But during self-chosen reading, they’re cozy wrapped up in the wanderings in their new worlds, pulled into the their characters and connecting  to the action and conversation. They’re excited to share the antics of characters as they solve their problems. Sharing time starts with a burst of babbling we tame to take turns sharing the tales: from dinosaurs to diaries, wizards to warriors, each student spins the story or information that surprises them and keeps them reading the next day.

spring chalk

And during the short break during Chalk Doodle Granny Wacky Prize, we learn what’s really on their minds.

spring break chalk

So, grab a great read, find your cozy corner, and wander through a new world during your spring break!

Slice of Life 29th

dandelion painting

I’m looking forward to the first one, the one that dares poke it’s head into the neighborhood, the one that calls out, “Go ahead. Yell. But I’m still here.”

I do love dandelions with their sunny face beaming a, “See I’m here. I’m growing. I’m beautiful, and I’m here for you.” A sign in my room says, “My favorite flowers are dandelions because they refuse to stop growing.”

I refuse to stop learning; I hope my students keep that mindset — we certainly keep the idea and focus alive, letting it pop up like a dandelion to say, “Go ahead. Learn. Learn more. Grow like me.”

Slice of Life Posting

IMG_7753 pooka cloud

The cloud in the sky as I stopped at the curve looks like a happy puppy at far right, perhaps Pooka showing me the way around the detour.

The detour in my blog posting didn’t work out so well. I’ll need to read the directions for scheduling posts. I wrote three posts to schedule, but none posted.

They’re up now. I need a guide to get it done right…

Slice of Life Spring


Moment Between Worlds

I left school on Friday and noticed the barren earth in the window wells, and remembered the summer look of overflowing color splashing the view. On Sunday, I hope to find some flowers to plant. I know they’ll probably freeze, but I want to make the splash happen sooner, to brighten the entry to our little world of writing. Even a little bit helps bring cheer, a moment to pause and say, “Welcome.”


Slice of Life Volleyball

Volley ball angelo gelmi 01.svg
By Angelo Gelmi –, CC0,

For three days, a tournament captures the hearts and minds of players who truly team together on and off court.  They share their successes and their goofs, encouraging each other verbally and  in spontaneous dance-cheers in the game. It’s fun to watch. Wins are great, but the real win is the teamwork and support the players give to each other.

I’m looking forward to my granddaughters tournament this weekend.

See you at the courts!