#140WC on #PBL



Today the Buck Institute for Education offered a thirty-minute discussion on Google Hangout on “Collaboration and High Quality Student Work.” Find the archives and more bie.org.

In the video two successful Project Based Learning school districts discussed collaboration and it’s affect on student work. Collaboration by the staff and with students were key factors. Both guests suggested just diving into content that requires collaboration rather than spending time on team-building activities. Just get right into the rigor of authentic projects.

In addition, because staff and students are collaborative by design, students come back from summer break without a lag in achievement with regards to the processes of collaborative team work. The thoughts were then of “How do we collaborate with this new team?” In other words, the summer lag for this process and strategy achievement did not occur.

Finally, collaboration just doesn’t “happen” because we ask “turn and share.” It must be taught, nudged, discussed, and debriefed.

Of course, that’s what you thought, wasn’t it?  Get your PBL back in the classroom! And check out the Buck Institute for Education for more PBL resources.


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