#140WC Make a Difference; Don’t Give Up



Teachers make a difference. They are tasked with teaching in their discipline as a highly qualified professional of that discipline, yet we know we don’t teach that; we teach children. No matter who they are or how they come; we teach children. We make small differences daily that add up to big differences in the choices those we tend will eventually make.

And knowing this, many teachers take on leadership roles — roles often not asked for, but needed. Roles that move the discipline and the relationships forward. Teachers keep learning and sharing so others can move forward as well to provide the best opportunities, content, and caring that our students need.

Perhaps that leadership is in helping kids develop intrinsic motivation, perhaps it’s in building authentic curriculum with projects, or perhaps it’s in understanding the technology of today and the future to incorporate in the curriculum as learning tools and strategies that students today expect and will need in their futures. These teachers are forward thinkers sharing with colleagues from around the world and in their own districts. Sometimes they are the only voice. To those, I over the advice of Ralph Waldo Emerson [above]. Don’t give up; keep moving forward. Make a difference — in small steps, but don’t give up.

WC: 207

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