#140WC Truth



I’m still pretty shaken by all that’s happened. The emotions of the ’60s rise up. I’d hoped we’d learned, but life goes on, and people forget. We forget history, the past. We forget to pay attention. And so we must relive our mistakes and relearn again. In order to heal, we must start somewhere. If we want to heal, if we want the truth. The truth, though, is seen from many sides, and until they converge, until we listen, we won’t understand the whole truth.

How do we respond?

How do we respond to the responses?

How do we move forward to make change?

So much is happening that doesn’t seem to be helping. What is it that should happen? How do we work forward so this does not happen again? What can each of us do?

Again:we must start somewhere.


WC 142:

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