#140WC More Time



Everything was calm last week. The community was built by our group of collaborators, designing and building together based on evidence from the book, The Giver.

This week: chaos! The Receiver is gone and all the memories now are experienced by everyone. Color. Animals. Night. Storm. Holes. Deep holes. Stuck. Hungry. Hurt.

Now the students are struggling to survive — will they work together or will they fight for their own? Our team listens to each other.

“Help, I have no food.”

“Here I come. I can give you steak.”

One student wrote in his reflection, “Jonas was hungry and so was Gabe but Jonas only cared about Gabe.” and the next day wrote, “Today I felt happy because I was getting the things we needed and I helped me friends if they need help. The other reason why I felt happy was because I help me friend EDInysh get food because she said she was hungry and she was almost dead. In the book The Giver Jonas felt hungry and he said “im so hungry I think im going to die by hunger. I am a socializer because I am nice to my friends and i help them out a lot for them to survive in Givercraft.”

They are a team. Working together to survive the new world of memories. And they are working towards building the new memories, their task

“Ms Edwards, we need more time. Could you please ask the elders for more time?”

The students want more time! to complete their learning task!

But, then, don’t we all?

WC: 247

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