#edblogaday 2 Spring

Why We Love Spring (And You Should, Too!)


I love spring

and the things

that pop up

in a rush

each day

to say

I’ve arrived!

I’m alive!


I love spring,

it brings

Grandkid laughter

ever after

a memory

a reverie;

I’m blessed

in Spring’s best.


Sheri Edwards

#edblogaday 2


My April Spring Poems

PS: I’m confused about my wordpress blog: why isn’t it accepting paragraphing or html code? I had to insert ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ for breaks.  I don’t get it, and I wonder if anyone knows what happened?  Thanks.


  1. Are those your lilac bushes in the video? So pretty! My husband bought me a lilac bush a few weeks ago. It’s a special one that is supposed to be hardy enough to withstand our Georgia summers. I love lilacs. They are one of my favorite flowers/scents.

    • I’ve always loved lilacs too. They are in my yard, and I love to breathe the air around them. I take a clump to school each day so I can carry that fragrance all day. Their blooming season is far to short for me. Thanks for stopping by.

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