Slice of Life Spring Break


Real readers find a place to read that’s cozy so they can relax and immerse themselves in the world of their tale. During lessons, they’re antsy learning new skills and they’re distracted by their neighbors. But during self-chosen reading, they’re cozy wrapped up in the wanderings in their new worlds, pulled into the their characters and connecting  to the action and conversation. They’re excited to share the antics of characters as they solve their problems. Sharing time starts with a burst of babbling we tame to take turns sharing the tales: from dinosaurs to diaries, wizards to warriors, each student spins the story or information that surprises them and keeps them reading the next day.

spring chalk

And during the short break during Chalk Doodle Granny Wacky Prize, we learn what’s really on their minds.

spring break chalk

So, grab a great read, find your cozy corner, and wander through a new world during your spring break!

Slice of Life 29th

dandelion painting

I’m looking forward to the first one, the one that dares poke it’s head into the neighborhood, the one that calls out, “Go ahead. Yell. But I’m still here.”

I do love dandelions with their sunny face beaming a, “See I’m here. I’m growing. I’m beautiful, and I’m here for you.” A sign in my room says, “My favorite flowers are dandelions because they refuse to stop growing.”

I refuse to stop learning; I hope my students keep that mindset — we certainly keep the idea and focus alive, letting it pop up like a dandelion to say, “Go ahead. Learn. Learn more. Grow like me.”

Slice of Life Posting

IMG_7753 pooka cloud

The cloud in the sky as I stopped at the curve looks like a happy puppy at far right, perhaps Pooka showing me the way around the detour.

The detour in my blog posting didn’t work out so well. I’ll need to read the directions for scheduling posts. I wrote three posts to schedule, but none posted.

They’re up now. I need a guide to get it done right…

Slice of Life Basketball


It rules.

On the Rez, it rules.

Or, does it? What else rules on the Rez?

I heard some track stars racing outside my window, their coach encouraging their every step.

Yesterday, I heard laughter in Salish as the language students played a game to learn their ancestral language.

Laughter, that’s something I hear a lot in the halls and lunchroom, because laughter rules on the Rez.

Much of that laughter comes from retelling experiences — storytelling. That’s what really rules on the Rez.

Because everyone has a story to tell.

And  they can’t wait to tell it to you!

What’s your favorite story?


Slice of Life Leadership



David Geurin is a “principal and lead learner at Bolivar High School in Bolivar, Missouri.”  I enjoy learning from him, and following the link in the above tweet lead me to David’s perceptive post on leadership:

What Great Leaders Do Differently 2016

“Leaders set out to make a difference.” In education that is so true: the goal is always to make teaching and learning better, to make a difference. Leaders have a vision for reaching goals, and great leaders share that leadership. In David’s post, you’ll see that “difference” in his list.

I especially find this one important:

3. They come from every corner of the school (students, teachers, support staff, etc.—not just admin). Leadership is more about disposition than position. Great leaders help develop new leaders and share leadership roles with others.

In all the posts and discussions on leadership that I have read, these ideas are considered important to promote collaboration among participants: the value of sharing leadership roles, of listening carefully to others, and of finding leadership in others throughout the school. We learn and grow together– shared leadership grows a community of practice intent on continuous learning and improvement.

Which leadership action or trait do you consider vital to your organization?