Fifty Days of Sketching

Fifty Days of Sketching with #Sketch50 from

Follow my own “growth mindset” as I accept a sketching challenge to improve my art and my message.

Thank you to all Sketch50 creators and participants for learning with me. By sharing our work, we learned from each other.

Thank you authors for the awesome prompts and badges.

Had such fun learning and creating– while learning more each day. From basic shapes to lettering and stick people, improving these skills gives me more confidence to do more. We even were encouraged to try animation. I used both DoInk and Sketchbook Motion.

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Slice of Life 29th

dandelion painting

I’m looking forward to the first one, the one that dares poke it’s head into the neighborhood, the one that calls out, “Go ahead. Yell. But I’m still here.”

I do love dandelions with their sunny face beaming a, “See I’m here. I’m growing. I’m beautiful, and I’m here for you.” A sign in my room says, “My favorite flowers are dandelions because they refuse to stop growing.”

I refuse to stop learning; I hope my students keep that mindset — we certainly keep the idea and focus alive, letting it pop up like a dandelion to say, “Go ahead. Learn. Learn more. Grow like me.”

#140WC #TPEPChat Teacher Evaluation


Tonight’s twitter chat, #TPEPChat focused on Washington State Teacher-Principal Evaluation Project.

There’s so much stress around this all over the nation, and so much controversy due to it’s nature and requirements. The teachers and principals in Washington State are reflecting together to make this project and system fair and workable so that teacher and principals grow as professionals to improve student learning.

My favorite tweets for this short #140WC are these:

1. From Gotcha to Growth [ Matt’s post]

If this system is to work, then the focus on 281 Gotcha checklists must go — and a focus on a collegial and collaborate effort for teachers to choose professional improvement goals must apply. The 281 are a basis for choosing goals, but not a checklist.

This leads to:

2. From Static to Differentiation

Teaching to standards is one thing; but standardizing students or teachers is another. Our goal is for growth and improvement, and that will be different for each student and each teacher.

A trusting relationship to guide a teacher to a professional goal is more likely to succeed at improving the quality of teaching than will a standardized checklist. And a team of teachers helping each other grow and improve is even better.

What do you think?


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