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dave_willis_encouragerMay 8th Prompt

What did you learn from Teacher Appreciation Week?

I learned that teachers are encouragers.  I learned that those who understand teaching are encouragers. I learned that those who write about the realities of teaching are encouragers.

Why? Because that’s a key role of a teacher: to encourage.

And despite all the critics of education and of teachers, back in the classroom teachers are still encouragers.  Teachers don’t give up on others, on themselves, or on their students.

And those who encourage others offer hope — hope that may be the opening of a dream, the unlocking of a blocked learning, or the boosting of confidence to make it through the day.

A simple word of encouragement unfolds hope and confidence.

It’s the constant in each moment of teaching.


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Encouragement / Hope / Confidence  Sheri Edwards

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It seems so dismissive not to continue the conversation, the renewing of the Civil Rights Movement, to find a way forward.

How could this still happen?



How did this happen? Information from @BillMoyersHQ

Authors reach out:


    Teach for Hope:

How will you keep the conversation, the teaching, the learning, the hope moving forward?