The Deer and Me

Although I took this picture a while ago, it’s late night aura looks soothing as I once again reviewed my lesson and site to make it better for ease of use and student success. In my mind as I blog on my iPhone I hear the laser light music chiming softly in my ears, a lullaby I need to heed. I learned a great tip on tagging the wiki pages that will help make naming pages easier and more appropriate. Kids tag their code names (acronyms) on each of their pages. Very nice. They also tag assignment names. Very cool. That means students don’t need the old protocol I once used on computer projects.

ponder. – should I pursue my master degree in instructional technology? I’d like to, since I am doing the work anyway.

one step
what else? I am sure the deer are up too.

I don’t want to miss Scott sing.

GeekGramma says g’night

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