#sol15 Dad: First Family Geek


My Dad

Charles Jefferson Edwards


I wasn’t even a thought yet.

Hat and beard, a community celebration and friends’ participation.

Pencils in pocket; grease on shirt — automobile work.

I see my son in those eyes, and memories in that smile.

Photo found and forwarded in email;

Reminds me

That Dad

at age 50

relearned his work on new “computers” in 1970s

a geek complete

with pocket protector

a new skill

a new time

old, but willing.

Makes me wonder

Makes me shake my head

— why today

some people won’t learn

won’t try



Image: from photo sent by brother Bill from Dick Hedahl. Thanks Bill and Dick.

solFor more slices, visit the gracious hosts at Two Writing Teachers to read other “slices.”


  1. I love how you told about your father- pre and post technology. I also love your bio. I have 2 teenage daughters and their social connectedness is truly a part of their very being. I can only hope that they have a teacher like you that can embrace learners today!

  2. That was my dad too — seismologist but learned computers at 50 (so did I, come to think of it) and was fascinated by learning something new.

    PS I couldn’t remember where you are (can’t always remember where I am either, hahaha), whether WA or Canada, and wanted to tell my TX (Cuban) friend Ana.

    My mother was from Spokane and grew up there.

    Inge de Waard has a lot of good ideas and resources for mobile learning — plus a giant smile that makes me smile whenever I see it.


  3. Learning is a life-long event, never stops. Or should I say, it shouldn’t stop. How sad for those who think they know it all and don’t explore the new wonderment that is in life. What a dad!

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